Luvay Drum Practice Pad

The Luvay 12-inch drum pad is a pretty good drum pad for the money. It’s a simple, 2-sided drum pad that comes at a pretty affordable price for a 12-inch pad like this. Let’s take a closer look at this one.


People who own this practice pad say that the top pad plays nice, is fairly quiet, and it has a nice, natural response for practicing their rudiments and other techniques. The textured rubber isn’t too hard, which contributes to it’s playability. People who play on it generally don’t have any complaints about how it feels for a practice pad.

There is also a round pad on the bottom, made of a harder recycled rubber, similar to the Evans RealFeel practice pad. The round pad can simply be used to hold the practice pad in place during use as it does make a good base – or you can play on it too. But it has a harder, less responsive surface that will make you work harder.

Build Quality

This is basically rubber and wood, glued together. The wood is a pressed board type of material, with no sharp edges. It’s a little rough but looks nice and holds up well to use and abuse. The rubber isn’t going to wear out anytime soon either, so this is the type of drum pad that will put up with years of use.


The wood is unfinished, and nothing fancy. The rubber on top is textured which gives it a nice look. The bottom pad is just hard rubber, not much for texture and isn’t anything too fancy either. The size is about 12 inches in diameter, which is big enough to fit into a snare stand. It’s heavy enough at about 4 pounds, and will be sturdy during use if you lay it in your lap or put it on a cushioned chair to play on.


  • Solid build
  • Fairly quiet
  • Includes sticks
  • Good stick response


  • Wood is kinda cheap
  • No fabric covering on top pad

If you are looking for a cheap, no frills drum pad with two sides, the Luvay practice pad is a good pick. It’s basic, built well and won’t break down on you after beating on it for a while.

Check Pricing or Buy

This will be a good option for any skill level of drummer, from beginner to pro, with it’s good feel and response. It’s less than $30 and if you are a beginner, it even comes with sticks.