If you’re looking at the budget AKG headphones you’ve probably seen the AKG K92, K72 and K52 models. They all look pretty similar yet they are a little different. What are the actual differences with these headphones? Which one is the best option?

Comparing Specifications

I’ll get to the sound comparison shortly here, but wanted to cover some of the specs first. These headphones have fairly similar specs but they have some minor differences as well.




Frequency Range

18 – 20,000 Hz

16 – 20,000 Hz

16 – 22,000 Hz


32 ohms

32 ohms

32 ohms


110 dB

112 dB

114 dB

Driver Size

40 mm

40 mm

40 mm

Max Input Power

200 mW

200 mW

200 mW

Cable Length

2.5 m

3 m

3 m

Similar Features

Other than these specs and the color schemes, these headphones are all just about the same in terms of features. They all weigh the same at 7.05 oz, they all have fixed cables, none are collapsible or foldable, and all have the same size and dimensions all the way around.

AKG K52 Headphones on Snare Pad
AKG K72 Headphones on Snare Pad
AKG K92 Headphones On Snare Pad

Frequency Analysis Comparison

Another comparison that shows just how similar these headphones are is the frequency analysis. Here’s the analysis for these three models. Click images to enlarge.


RAA AKG K52 Frequency Response


RAA AKG K72 Frequency Response


RAA AKG K92 Frequency Response

Images courtesy of Reference Audio Analyzer.

Sound Quality

The frequency analysis tells us we can expect a similar sound from all three of these. After listening to all three side by side and trying them out with various types of music, I think I prefer the sound of the K92 and K72 over the K52. Let’s take a look at my subjective opinions here.

I purchased all three of these headphones brand new, and put them all through the same burn in with the same music for about 50 hours to try to keep the playing field level.

I found the K92 and K72 to be so similar that it was hard to perceive a difference. They both have pretty clean highs, subdued mids and a solid but not overpowering low end. Clarity was about the same on both.

The K52’s were very close to the other two, but I didn’t think the high end was as crisp and the higher low end felt a little more muddy. But it was a very minor difference and it took a lot of headphone swapping to be able to hear it.

Mid range sounded about the same on all three. The left to right sound stage felt about the same on all three. Spaciousness was about the same as well.

Volume-wise, they all responded the same to my headphone amp, and I didn’t really notice any differences in volume when I had them all dialed in the same.

Build Quality

All three of these headphones feel fairly lightweight and similar in build.

The K92 and K72 are almost identical other than the color scheme. They both have the same type of padding and covering on the ear cups. They have the same length 3 m cable with a screw on 1/4″ adapter. They fit about the same.

The K52 is very similar to the other two, but the covering on the ear cup padding is more thin and feels a little cheaper. I also thought that the stretching headband felt a little more tight than the other two, causing these to want to sit a little higher on my head. The cable is 1/2 meter shorter, but still fairly long, and it has a non-screw-on 1/4 inch adapter that feels a little cheaper than the other two.

After trying all three of these out and inspecting the build quality more closely, it feels more like the K52 is a budget version of the K92/K72, while the K92/K72 appear to be about the same.

AKG K52 Headphones Cable
AKG K72 Headphones Cable
AKG K92 Headphones Cable

Fit and Comfort

I found all three of these to be about the same in terms of fit and comfort.

The elastic headband on the K52 was a little tighter and they sat a little higher on my head as result, which had a minor negative affect on comfort for me. The K92 and K72 headband felt better and I was able to get those two to sit on my head a little better.

The ear cups are larger, shallow, but pretty comfortable on all three. All three struggled to create a good seal around my ears with the larger sized ear cups, mostly in the jaw area. They all felt about the same in terms of pressure on the sides from the ear cups, with a less snug fit.

AKG K52 Headphones Ear Cups
AKG K72 Headphones Ear Cups
AKG K92 Headphones Ear Cups

Pricing and Which One To Buy?

Looking at the pricing for these headphones from different sellers reveals that it’s quite possible to find all three of these for a similar price around $40-$50.

The MSRP for the K92 is $69. The MSRP for the K72 is $59. The MSRP for the K52 looks like maybe $49.

I’ve found both the K92 and K72 for less than $50 and the K52 can be found for $30 when they are on sale. I think those prices are reasonable for these headphones.

As far as which one is worth the buy? The K52 feels more like the cheapest option and if you can find them on sale for $30 they are a pretty good deal. The K92/K72 models feel very similar and a little nicer, and it’s kind of a toss-up between the two. If I’m seeing the prices of the K72 and K92 are about the same, I’d go for the K92 and get the model with the bigger frequency range. If I’m seeing the K92 is more expensive than the K72, I’d get the K72 and save a few bucks.