Agean Regular R Low Noise Cymbals

Agean are known for their high quality, hand-crafted, Turkish cymbals. Among their offerings are the Agean Regular R Low Noise cymbals.

The Regular R cymbals are designed to be around 50% to 60% of the volume of traditional cymbals, while retaining as much of the feel and tone as possible when compared to traditional cymbals. This volume range is excellent for those who need lower volumes for their practice spaces, giving lessons or even lower volume live gigs.

Let’s take a look at what makes these cymbals so good and why drummers like them.

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Feel & Playability

As far as low noise cymbals go, these are going to be some of the best when it comes to feel and playability. They have a very natural sound and response, and play like a traditional cymbal. Part of the reason for this is that they are hand-made with B.20 bronze rather than pressed with brass like other less expensive low-noise cymbals.

The B.20 bronze feels excellent when sticking and playing the edges, and you won’t feel like you’re playing a low-noise cymbal.


The volume level is roughly half of a traditional cymbal, depending on how hard you play. Compared to other low-noise cymbals, these are actually going to sound a little louder. But they are still much more quiet than a traditional cymbal. That is a good thing in this case, as the result is that the sound is also closer to a traditional cymbal and doesn’t sound as wildly different as some low-noise cymbals can sound.


The tone of the Agean Regular R cymbals is where this series really shines. We would argue that Agean have the best tone of any low noise cymbals. If you didn’t allow people to see what type of cymbals you are playing, they might not even guess you are playing low volume cymbals because the tone is so good. They sound natural and respond very well to different types of sticking and dynamic play styles.

Build Quality

As far as build quality goes, these are right up there with the best. They are made with B.20 bronze rather than brass. Agean cymbals are hand-made. They even drill the holes by hand. These are not pressed with brass like the other budget options out there for low noise cymbals. If you want low-noise cymbals that have the same type of craftsmanship as higher end hand-made cymbals, Agean has you covered.

We have found some feedback that indicated that newly bought cymbals were a little dirty or also dropping metal shavings after the first few days of use. This could indicate maybe some of the cymbals are coming from the factory without being fully cleaned up, or could also be a result of the hand-crafted nature of these cymbals. Take this info with a grain of salt.


If you’ve never used a cymbal like this before, it might be a little weird to see that there are hundreds of holes punches through the surface and your reaction might be that this would make the cymbals less durable. As long as you aren’t playing these cymbals overly hard you will find they are plenty durable. Drummers who use these say they can hit them like traditional cymbals without feeling like they need to be careful.

Playing Live

If you want to use low-noise cymbals in a live situation, these will probably be one of your best choices. The fact that they have a natural sounding tone and dynamic play response is what makes them stand out. We would recommend these over the Zildjian L80’s for live performances due to the tone differences and slightly louder volume.

Cymbal Types & Cymbal Packs

Agean currently offers the Regular R in the following types and sizes:

  • 13 and 14 Inch Hi-Hats
  • 14, 16, 17 and 18 Inch Crash
  • 18 and 20 Inch Ride
  • 16 and 18 Inch China
  • 10 and 12 Inch Splash

Cymbal pack are also available:

  • 14 Inch Hi-Hat, 16 Inch Crash, 20 Inch Ride plus a Cymbal Bag


  • Probably the best tone from low volume cymbals
  • Hand-made
  • Made with B.20 bronze rather than brass
  • Feel like real cymbals when playing


  • Price – they are on the more expensive side for low-volume cymbals
  • Not a very strong ride bell sound

The Verdict

In our opinion – if you like to have the best, and you want low-volume cymbals – the Agean Regular R Low-Noise cymbals are an excellent option.

They sound better than the other brass-made counterparts and will feel more like traditional cymbal. We’d recommend these especially if you need low-noise live cymbals.

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