Wuhan ORA Low Volume Cymbals

The Wuhan ORA low volume cymbals can be a good alternative to those that need a reduced volume practice cymbal but don’t want to spend the money on more expensive options. The term ORA is short for Outward Reduced Audio. Or in other words, not as loud. Let’s take a look at what drummers do and don’t like about this particular line of cymbals.

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Feel & Playability

These cymbals play and feel like a traditional cymbal. The material and construction gives them the same sticking feel as a normal cymbal. Sticking the surface feels good and the rebound is natural and supports dynamic play styles.

They can be played pretty hard, but as with most volume reduction cymbals we recommend treating them like a medium to thin style of cymbal for the best longevity.


The Wuhan ORA cymbals are designed to reduce the volume from a traditional cymbal, and will achieve a roughly 40% reduction in volume.

Drummers who have tried these along with other volume reduction cymbals say that the volume of the Wuhan ORA cymbals sounds about in the middle between a traditional cymbal and a low volume Zildjian L80, for example.

The volume is reduced, but still potentially loud enough and harsh enough that you still may need to wear earplugs or headphones while playing, depending on how sensitive your hearing is.


The tone of the Wuhan ORA cymbals is brighter than the more quiet low-volume cymbals out there.

They have a thinner sound, like low-volume cymbals due, but they also are very bright and can have overly-bright overtones. Some drummers say they have a little bit of a cheaper sound compared to competitors.

Some drummers who use these find them to be too bright. Those who have found the cymbals to be too bright in tone have used tape on the underside or other additional dampening to deaden them a little more.

The hit-hats sound especially crispy, and the bell on the ride can also be a little too bright and harsh if you were expecting extreme volume reduction.


Build Quality & Durability

The Wuhan ORA cymbals are constructed with B20 bronze and feel as such. They weigh a little less due to the material reduction from all the holes punched through.

They are fairly durable for a low-volume cymbal and some drummers who have used these along with other low-volume cymbals say that they hold up well over time.

Playing Live

The volume of these cymbals might put them in contention for live use. The tone is a different story, however.

Drummers with a discerning tone preference probably wouldn’t find these suitable for a live gig, even for low-volume situations. There are better sounding options out there.

Cymbal Types & Cymbal Packs

The Wuhan ORA cymbals are available in the following types and sizes:

  • 14 Inch Hi-Hat
  • 16 and 18 Inch Crash
  • 10 Inch Splash
  • 20 Inch Ride
  • 18 Inch China

They are also available in the following packs:

  • 14 Inch Hi-Hats, 16 Inch Crash, 20 Inch Ride
  • 14 Inch Hi-Hats, 16 and 18 Inch Crash, 20 Inch Ride


  • These are some of the most affordable low-volume cymbals
  • They are pretty durable
  • They offer a splash and a china


  • Sound can be overly bright and harsh
  • Only 40% reduction in volume

The Verdict

The Wuhan ORA cymbals will get you a nice set of brand new low-volume cymbals for a low price. The tones can be a little harsh and bright if you are looking for the strongest volume reduction. We’d suggest these if are looking for volume-reduction on a budget and can deal with cymbals that aren’t as quiet or smooth sounding as their competitors.

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