I found some new quiet practice pads to check out and see how they stack up to the pads I’ve already covered. My practice pad stash is getting pretty deep now.

The Meinl Marshmallow

The Meinl Marshmallow pad was an interesting find for me, especially since I’m mostly thought of them as a cymbal brand. I suppose it makes sense that they’d have some other products out there such as practice pads. It’s specifically called the Marshmallow pad and the marketing on the box makes it sound like designed it to be a quiet practice pad instead of a conditioning pad, unlike what some other softer pads are billed as. It is only one sided and has a cymbal mount on the bottom, so it’s unique offering compared to other pads I’ve looked at.

The Drumeo QuietPad

The Drumeo QuietPad was another interesting looking find. I like the look of this one since it has a softer, quiet surface on one side and a typical gum rubber surface on the other. It’s the first pad I’ve found that focuses on offering that combination of surfaces. I really liked the Drumeo P4 pad and I already really like the look of the QuietPad even after playing around with it for only a few minutes so far.

The RTOM Moongel Workout Pad

The Moongel Workout Pad from RTOM is certainly quiet, but it has much less rebound than the other practice pads I’ve used. I guess that’s why they bill this one as a workout pad. I didn’t realize it was made by RTOM until after I ordered it. I’ve used the RTOM Black Holes and LV drum heads, and liked both of those, so adding this pad to the bunch shows me that RTOM has some good low volume drumming products out there.

I’ll be putting together some video demos and reviews for these pads soon, it will be fun to try them out and see how they compare to other pads I’ve been using. I’m expecting at least one of these to find it’s way into my daily use rotation.