When I think of electronic drum kits, I typically think of the classic looking drum rack with triggered drum pads attached all the way around, looking like something between a practice pad setup and a typical drum kit. I recently became aware of the TrapKAT, which is a little bit different approach to an electronic drum kit.

This kit puts all the pads on a single, flat board, making it more portable than a typical electronic drum kit setup. At the same time, there’s enough pads with decent surface area, and they are arranged in a way that makes it flexible to play. The TrapKAT XL, for example, has 24 pads. Users say that the pads feel great and are quiet all at the same time.

If I was in the market for an electronic kit right now, I’d have to probably give this a serious look. I like the idea of how compact it is. It might not have a typical drum kit look or arrangement, but it looks like it is a lot of fun to use and practical at the same time.