The Zildjian L80 cymbals are some of the best low volume cymbals due to how quiet and subdued they are while still feeling like traditional cymbals during play. If you decide to pick some of these up, you’ll find a couple variations. Let’s take a look at the differences.

Size Difference Between LV468 and LV348 Cymbal Packs

The main difference between these two cymbal pack options is that the LV468 pack contains slightly larger cymbals when compared to the LV348 pack. The numbers 468 translate to 14 inch hi-hats, a 16 inch crash and an 18 inch crash ride, so it’s like Zildjian basically dropped the 1’s from the cymbal diameters to make the product number (14-16-18). The same is the case for the LV348 set, which translates to 13 inch hi-hats, a 14 inch crash and an 18 inch crash ride (13-14-18). So basically you’re getting more traditional sized cymbals with the LV468 pack compared to the LV348 pack.

In terms of which option is better, it mostly just comes down to personal preference. There’s really no difference in volume between the two options. The cymbals will also sound roughly the same between the two sets with minor pitch differences due to size differences.

Cost Differences

Another difference between the two sets is the price difference. The LV348 pack is going to be about 20% less in cost, which can be a big difference considering the cost of these cymbals. The LV468 pack is roughly $420 whereas the LV348 pack is roughly $325.

I think the cost is probably going to be the biggest decision point for drummers deciding between these packs. Drummers who really want the smooth and quiet sound of the Zildjian L80’s might be sticker shocked by the price of the LV468 set, but the LV348 set can be a nice alternative to save more than a few bucks.

Which One Should You Buy?

If the size of the low volume cymbals is very important to you, and you really want to keep sizes more in line with typical traditional cymbal sizes, the LV468 pack will be the way to go. If you’re going to be switching between low volume cymbals and traditional cymbals frequently it can be worth it to keep them closer in size for familiarity purposes.

If you don’t mind slightly smaller cymbals but really want some L80’s and don’t want to spend as much, the LV348 pack is perfectly workable. They can also be a better pick for drummers who prefer smaller cymbals or who want to keep their practice kit as compact as possible. If you’re buying low volume cymbals for a kid to practice with, the smaller size might not be much of a deal breaker in that situation either.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Zildjian L80 cymbals check out our in-depth review which includes more photos and some sound demos comparing L80 cymbal volume to traditional cymbal volumes.


Zildjian L80 LV468


Zildjian L80 LV348