Electronic drum kits can usually be set up as left handed kits. There really aren’t any limitations to keep drummers from mirroring the setup of hardware on most kits.

Most Electronic Kits Can Be Setup Left-Handed

I’ve never personally run across an electronic kit that didn’t look like it could be setup left-handed, but I’m sure there are some out there. The hardware on most kits is designed so that it can be mirrored when setup. Take a look at the rack and any hardware that attaches directly to the rack to be sure. If the rack looks mostly symmetrical and if it looks like the hardware can be mirrored, you should be good to go.

How To Setup An Electronic Drum Kit For Left Handed Drummers

The main thing you’ll need to do to mirror the kit is to rearrange the pads in mirrored order and then move the drum module to the opposite side of the kit, so it’s pretty self-explanatory.

To mirror the kit, you might need to move the pole or bar that the snare pad mounts on from one of the left posts to the right posts, so take a close look at your drum rack to size up the best way to do that before getting started. Once you have the rack mirrored from it’s right-handed setup, all you need to do is reattach all the pads in mirrored order.

You’ll most likely need to move the drum module to the opposite side as well. Many cable snakes used to connect the module to the pads have different lengths of cables for each pad and they usually have to be mounted on the side of the kit with the hi-hat pad to make sure the cables can reach everything properly.