Alesis has released a new version of their Nitro kit, the Nitro Max. It seemed like something was probably on the way when Alesis dropped the price on the previous Nitro kit to sell through their inventory, and this is it.

Some of the highlights of this new kit include a 10 inch snare pad, low profile tom pads and a new module with sounds from BFD. BFD makes nice sounding drum software so it’s interesting to see Alesis incorporating their sounds into a budget kit like this. They also added a Bluetooth feature to the module to so you can wirelessly play along with your favorite music.

There are some nice extras included with this kit as well. You get a 90 day subscription to Drumeo and a 30 day subscription to Melodics, which can be useful for drummers looking for lessons and guidance while learning how to play. They also include a free version of the BFD player which you can use on your computer to expand the sound capabilities beyond what’s in the module.

We have already purchased and reviewed this new kit, so be sure to check out our Alesis Nitro Max review for more details about how this one plays.