When looking around at the various versions of the Command Mesh drum kit from Alesis, I’ve noticed it’s getting a little confusing to keep track of what is even changing between the versions and which one is the best value.

Kit Versions

Currently the Command Mesh Special Edition is the latest regular version of the Command kit. It is the version with the white, pinstripe drum heads and the black finish on the pads and rack. There is also the Command X Mesh Special Edition drum kit, which is the version with white mesh drum heads, red accents and an extra cymbal pad. The older versions of each of the kits are identifiable by the black mesh drum heads.

Where Can You Find the Command X Mesh Drum Kit?

Alesis doesn’t even list the Command X version of the kit on their drum kits page, at least at the time of writing this. But they list the two standard versions of the Command Mesh kit there. You can find the Command X version at places like Guitar Center.

BFD Player?

With the Special Edition version of their Command and Surge drum kits, Alesis started including a free version of the BFD Player. The BFD Player is software that runs on a computer like a VST and allows you to use your drum kit as a controller. As of now, the BFD Player does not appear to be included with the Command X version of the drum kit.

The Differences Between The Kits

Here’s the differences between the Command X Mesh and the Command X Mesh Special Edition drum kits.

Command X Mesh

Alesis Command X Mesh Full Kit

Command X Mesh SE

Alesis Command X Mesh SE Drum Kit Hero

Drum Heads

Black Mesh 2-Ply

White Mesh with Pinstripe 2-Ply




Cymbal Mounts

On Vertical Poles

On Cross Bars

Tension Rod Lugs

Chrome Finish

Gold Finish

Melodics Free Trial



BFD Player



As you can see, it’s pretty much visual and cosmetic changes rather than major functional changes. The biggest functional change appears to be in how the two center cymbals mount to the rack. The kits use the same sound module and pads. We do think the newer version looks better. The color scheme, more black finish and the white drum heads combine to look pretty sharp.

Which version is the better value? The older version is being listed for less while inventory is being sold out, so it’s probably the better value for now, considering there’s not much for functional changes. The newer version of the Command X without any markdown is listed at $899, which is getting pretty high for the Command series.