Simmons has just released a new drum kit in their Titan series of electronic drum kits, the Titan 70. This new kit offers more features when compared to the Titan 50 and looks to be another nice option from Simmons.

Feels Familiar With Some Upgrades

I got to sit and play the demo that was set up at Guitar Center, and to me it felt familiar since it’s similar to the Titan 50, which is a kit that I like. I liked the Titan 70 enough that I decided to grab one and it’s currently in the trunk of my car, waiting to get setup for a more in depth look and review.

Simmons Titan 70 Top Angle

There is a new ride cymbal with three zones – a bell, edge and bow – which was pretty awesome. This was something that was lacking on the Titan 50. Two crash cymbal pads being included is pretty nice as well.

The drum pads felt good to play and were honestly pretty similar in feel to the Titan 50, but they look different with a new shallow-shell design. Supposedly the sensors are little better on the drum pads, but I didn’t notice much of a difference in the short time I had to play around with it. I’m curious to open up the pads and take a closer look.

The kick drum pad felt more robust and looks like it has more surface area to work with. In the manual it says it’s designed to work with double bass so that’s good news. I’m curious how it’ll feel with my Iron Cobra pedal hooked up.

The drum module seems to have some upgrades, and once again looks visually looks similar to the Titan 50 module. The first thing I noticed was that there were more drum kits built in, which is great, and after playing around with them I thought they sounded really good.

I’ll have more info about this kit soon after I get a chance to play it more and put it through a few sessions. In the meantime it’s available at Guitar Center, they finally have it listed on their site.