Roland has recently acquired Drum Workshop in a move that brings together two heavy hitters in the electronic and acoustic drum realms.

Drum Workshop is already well known for their quality drums and hardware. Roland is well known for their quality v-drums and electronics such as triggers and sound modules. So it makes perfect sense that Roland would see value in acquiring an acoustic drum line, especially now that they are putting more effort into acoustic design v-drums.

What this really means for the future of electronic drumming is yet to be seen. We can likely expect a lot of products that cross the line between acoustic and electronic drumming, fusing the two more seamlessly and less awkwardly.

One move that’s already been made is that Drum Workshop has announced an acoustic design e-drum kit that is wireless – which is pretty forward thinking for the drum world at the moment.

We’ll have to keep an eye out and see what else comes from this story, it’s definitely a big one.