I was walking around my local Guitar Center today and I noticed that there was a new Simmons drum kit in the stack of Simmons drum kit boxes. Usually it’s just the Titan 20, Titan 50, SD350 and SD1250 kits on the floor, but this time there was also a new kit, the Simmons Titan 70.  The Titan 70 isn’t even listed on Simmons own website yet.

The guy at the checkout wasn’t able to tell me pricing yet, so it might not even be for sale yet, but it must be coming shortly if it’s on the floor. I’m going to have to check back and see if they have it for sale soon.

The new Titan 70 kit looked somewhat like an upgraded Titan 50 from what I could see. It has a different style of kick tower that was more similar to what is found on the SD1250. It also has a three zone ride cymbal with a bell zone, which is pretty awesome. In addition to the ride, it also has two crash cymbals included, so there’s more pads overall on the kit which is great. The snare pad also looked a little fancier and had more of shallow drum shell look to it. The module looked similar to the Titan 50 module but it looks like it has some new backlit features.

I’m sure it will be on the Guitar Center website as soon as it’s for sale.

I’m going to have to go back in this weekend and check it out again, I should have unstacked the boxes and got a better look, but was in a bit of a rush to get somewhere else. Either way, it looks like a slick new Simmons Titan kit is on the way!